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Funding Proposals & Applications

"find the funding"

There are numerous sources of funding to serve First Nation community development. Between the various levels
of government, the private sector and other funding agencies trying to navigate a successful application takes
significant time, experience and effort.

We take the stress out of this process. We work with you to identify your short and long term funding needs and then assess the marketplace to determine available funding sources and programs. Once we have the potential resource identified we then develop the business case to apply for the funding on your behalf.

It's that simple, at no risk or cost to you and very effective.

 Grant & Rebate Applications

There are a variety of funding grants, subsidies and rebate programs available to assist with cost sharing your projects.  Navigating thru the many different possibilities & requirements can be a time consuming process.

Let us help identify those programs that you may be eligible for and to also assist with the application process. By choosing to partner with us it really can pay for itself!

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