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First Nation Skills Development

“the art and science of helping adults learn”

 As each of us mature we accumulate a significant number of experiences that gain meaning through the
process of learning. Our applied mentoring with every adult learner includes the following principles:


Adults need to know why they want to continue to learn something;

They move from dependency to increasing self-directedness as they mature and can direct their own learning;


 Each of us draw from our own personal reservoir of life experiences;


 They are ready to learn when they assume new social or life roles;


 They are problem-centered and want to apply new learning immediately; and


 They are motivated to learn by internal, rather than external, factors;

           Preparedness Assessments
                 (Map Your Gap)

The starting point to assist the Team to understand your needs for asset management skills and competencies that require short and long term focus;

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Asset Management

We develop your Roadmap for the needed proficiencies and asset management expertise that you will need; This includes

         Administration     Communication
            Technical             Leadership          
            Financial           Collaboration

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 Personalized Training &
Development Plans

Your custom Development Plan that contains practical goals, objectives and learning options including self-study, personal mentoring or classroom instruction. 

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