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Program & Project Management

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Program and Project Management play a significant role in the growth of individuals who call the practice of
real estate asset management their profession. In the last half century, project management has grown into a valued organization competency. As technology impacts the work we do and enables customers to be involved
in every part of the business value chain, we recognize the skills needed to drive value by making project management indispensable for business results.

Due to the speed of change and fierce market competition, every organization, irrespective of industry, is

required to adjust much faster today than in the past. To do so, organizations launch projects and expect them to deliver results. There is also more emphasis on leadership and strategy, two critical skills required to become a more effective project leader.

How we build personal capacity, train and manage people is now also changing. New advances in technology are disrupting traditional industries and thereby changing the functional roles and responsibilities of workers. Discover the depth and breadth of our work to advance the science and practice of project management, and

our personal skills for mentoring for your organization.

Program & Risk Management

Programs are composed of several underlying, interconnected projects.

These projects complement and build off one another to achieve a larger, long-term business objective. A successful program drives strategic benefits and organizational growth, rather than a single, tangible deliverable.

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       Project Management

Projects are temporary, one-off undertakings. They are generally bound by cost, resource, budget, and time constraints.

Projects have clear end dates and short-term goals that give way to tangible outcomes or deliverables. Our fully accredited staff have the skills & competencies to offer full PM services for you and your organization.

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